special exhibition for the medical profession!

For 50 years, HUNGEXPO has been the leader in Hungary’s exhibition organization market and has also achieved the same status in the Central Eastern Europe by now. Due to our hard work of many decades, Budapest’s HUNGEXPO is now the organizer of the region’s several key exhibitions. Relying on our market research, we keep growing by adapting to the demands of our customers. Year after year, we always assist local and international companies to succeed with their products and services, by providing full-scale, customized organization and implementation of exhibitions and various additional events.

HUNGEXPO has been highly dedicated to showcasing innovations and developments moving our country forward. Health is the foundation for the future of Hungary and its citizens and forms the basis for our economic development and being competitive in the international arena. Organising a sustainable healthcare system is an extremely complex challenge. It requires a constant renewal process of technologies or clinical cure and care procedures. On the other hand, these innovative and value-added solutions, technologies and therapies need to be introduced in a proportionate and sustainable manner.

Hungexpo aims to showcase and support this process by offering the timely organised HUNGAROMEDICA Health and Medical Technology Exhibition and its various professional programmes and side events.

HUNGAROMEDICA is a great opportunity for our various partners to present their products and services, medical and healthcare devices, equipment, hospital technology, medicines supply or even home care equipment.


  • You can showcase new, cutting-edge medical technology and appliances;
  • Numerous potential clients are present at the same place, giving you an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with existing clients and gain new partners as well;
  • Be inspired in professional ambience and get to know the new innovations at first hand.

The theme of our exhibition draws increasing attention from the general public as well. With innovations in medical equipment and health care the patient care can enjoy rapid progress. By managing innovations strategically, we could not only improve the quality of care or modernisation, but could also contribute to the sustainability and efficient functioning of the health care system.

No matter which area of healthcare you are involved in, primary, outpatient, hospital care or rehabilitation, drug manufacturing or distribution, imaging, laboratory diagnostics or medical research and innovation, bring it and showcase it to HUNGAROMEDICA’s expert professional audience and the general public interested in health developments.