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In 2018, HUNGEXPO C.Co. Ltd. helps with a new trade exhibition that products, services, healthcare companies, investors and laymen meet with each other and with the latest technologies in one place.

HUNGAROMEDICA Health and Medical Technology Exhibition
11-13 October 2018.

The purpose of the exhibition and related programs is to provide an opportunity to present developmental and technological results allowing the experts, physicians and professional staff to witness the advantages offered by innovation as well as providing information to those interested in patient care. During the event exhibitors can present:

Application & Participation
We are waiting for the applications from those companies whose are working in different segments of the health industry: outpatient, hospital care or rehabilitation, drug manufacturing or distribution, laboratory diagnostics or medical research and innovation.

More information about the application and participation is HERE.

Besides of the technological result presentation the HUNGAROMEDICA can be a great instrument for achieving company goals, thanks for the professional and public health programs e.g.: establishing personal contacts, acquiring new clients, image building, launching a new product, mapping the market and competition in a sector with increasing revenue and sales. For the programs please click on the following points:


National Medical Technology Conference
organized by the Hungarian Medical Cluster (MediCluster)

The Hungarian hospital industry and medical technology industry is celebrating the 100 years’ anniversary this year.
On this occasion a National Medical Technology Conference will be held by the MediCluster.

Hungarian Hospital Association Conference
All-day conference organized by the Hungarian Hospital Association on professional and human policy issues.

Health Policy Conference
It summarizes the most important results and future purposes of the sector.

Semmelweis University - Credit Marathon
During the three days of the exhibition the Semmelweis University organizes vocational trainings for credit points for for cardiologists, radiologists, pathologists, GPs, pediatricians and assistants. Main themes:
digital healthcare opportunities in basic health services for GPs, pediatricians and assistants
Big Data: modern data science and artificial intelligence solutions in medicine, with special attention to radiology, pathology, cardiology and oncology

Hackathon event
The theme of the event is “How to bring health to disadvantaged regions with the help of modern technology”




 Health Screening Day
The program opens the public health screening scope for people or for those people who hasn’t been appeared in organized screening long ago.

Final tournament of the Semmelweis Health Competitions
It’s a successful interactive health competition of the Budapest Medical Student Association, where high school student teams compete with each other in several rounds.

Prevention Education
for elementary and high school students.

Teddy Bear Hospital
The program would like to familiarize the healing activities with children in playful frameworks.

Give blood, save life!
With partnership of the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service we organize a blood donation during the event.



The first two days of the exhibition, in 11th and in 12th October we would like to invite the employees of the healthcare sector to our professional programs: doctors, skilled health workers, managers of private and state-owned institutions, hospitals and clinics, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, final year medical school students. The third day of the HUNGAROMEDICA exhibition will be open to the public. You can find more information about the planned professional and public health programs HERE.

With the HUNGAROMEDICA Health and Medical Technology Exhibition we would like to establish a professional meeting point where exhibitors and visitors can receive credible information from first-hand about the current situation of the health industry and latest technologies.

The Health Services Management Training Centre of Semmelweis University is the key professional partner of the HUNGAROMEDICA Healthcare and Medical Technology Exhibition.


Join us!
Come and let us shape the HUNGAROMEDICA Health and Medical Technology Exhibition together!